erin & tim were married on July 7th, their wedding was gorgeous and the weather was amazing for getting outdoor photo’s at Tim’s grandmothers home. The setting made my heart melt, with an old car & a gorgeous bride made a perfect backdrop for memories. Congrats you two!!

This was by far the most beautiful bouquet I have seen, so unique and so much meaning to the bride. And the colors are so stunning!

Laughing & kissing under the trees on a warm sunny day while marrying the one you love, makes for a lovely memory, forever.

Velvet Raptor reminds me of a Boutique in Paris, this album is like a special little place where old & new dance. This is an item you must bring home with you to remind your senses that there is something unique & beautiful to reminisce with your most fond memories. I am thrilled to offer a new album line from Adrienne Page. These artisan albums wrap your images in Heirloom quality paper that is not only rich to the touch, but is also made out of 100% post consumer wastepaper. Velvet Raptor Albums are made of lush velvet and part silk, giving them a luxurious feel & sheen.  They are also sewn & bound at a local bindery, and milled with wind power. These albums are offered for Weddings & Portraits, so please enjoy a lush album in 13×13, 10×10 or 7×7. Prints are ordered in different sizes and designed by Melissa.


cooper is nine months and didn’t want his hat on. He has eyes that melt your heart. hats off to you cooper.

no matter the rain, love always shines on the path not yet taken.

Since my trip to Venice & the Italian countryside for 2 weddings last year, I have had some inquires about how to plan a wedding in Italy.  I have some splendid ladies for your nuptials, if you are planning on a international wedding.

Laura Bravi is a Italian based Wedding Planner, for all your wedding needs. She is amazing inside & out, a pure talent to the senses

And Miss Chiara is amazing with Makeup and Flowers, she lived in Paris for 12 years, and is now back in Italy!!

Happy planning & happy kissing in Italy.




have you heard the news? One of my most splendid brides has been featured all across the web & wedding news, and it is the best idea to hit the wedding industry in a long while. Nearly Newlywed a Bridal Boutique specializes in aquiring your dream Wedding Dress,You then wear it for your wedding and send it back to the boutique. This gives you access to the  most beautiful gowns in the fashion industry. And you can order the dresses to try on at home, and send the ones back that you don’t fall in love with. Take a peek at the online boutique Nearly Newlywed and the article in Minneapolis/St. Paul Mag

Nearly Newlywed: Buy It, Wear It, Send It Back!!
Congratulations Jaqueline!!


is truly the best medicine


I love black and white photographs, something about the striking polar opposites, and the simplicity. But I also love a collaboration of great colors. I believe that color can evoke so many different moods. So if you are feeling a little black and white, try to see the color. Dream in color.

{images by la de da}

Baby Henry decided to come a bit early, and surprise his mom & dad. I was so happy to meet this happy little guy, warm wishes to the new family of 3.

this session was amazing. i know this baby will be awaiting alot of little kisses. i decided to shoot in all film, and i am in love with the colors.


You know if you have children, how they will always be your babies, no matter how old they get. When your children are in pain you want to fix it and wrap your arms around them to make the pain stay away forever. steven is my little trooper & angel. he is resilient to all the visits to the clinic and the hospital since he was a tiny babe. nothing to complicated but he has had 4 surgeries since he was 1 month old, now he is 6 and had another surgery for his tonsils. the doctor tells you it’s general surgery, and he will feel better in 14 days, but still he is my baby and you just want your kids to be safe, and not hand them over to someone who will be electing to put them in pain. But now he is recovering, on his way to acting his silly self again, making us laugh, making his brothers laugh. taking a deep breathe of relief he is still the same little guy that we love, and they always love you no matter what, even if we give them to the doctors. lov u steven

i will remember new york not only for this simplistic wedding with personal detail, but I will also remember new york for the people, everyone bustling about their day against the backdrop of the best architecture and spaces. but when you look lost, people will stop to ask if you need direction. the faces make a city, and the spaces come alive.