Ethan can’t believe you are going to be 10. Such an amazing blur of 10 years it has been. So proud to have a son that is sensitive, caring, and loves to laugh.



Lindsay & Ross your day was filled with so much joy & happiness. I loved capturing all your wishes coming true! The Van Dusen Mansion is a splendid magical place to be married & celebrate love with  Organic rich history & elegant details. Congratulations to the happy couple! xo melissa


i love watching the twins growing right before my eyes! And although they are not to excited about me taking photo’s of them, i have to capture the times of ever changing…and of course the wrinkled noses come along with the missing teeth.

we are thrilled to announce a very special event at the studio for you. please let us know if you have any questions, we are looking forward to your pillow session.

don’t you just love a gorgeous pair of lips, especially with red lipstick is even more beautiful.


lay your head down somewhere comfortable tonight, take your hat off and relax. these shots are from a beautiful wedding nestled in the rolling hills of wisconsin. i have been drawn to the color red more and more, it is so much more beautiful when captured with film.

i don’t know about you, but we love being barefoot at our house. a lot of our time is spent barefoot, and trying to find shoes when we have somewhere to go! all of these toes are growing toes, the soft baby feet are disappearing… enjoy your baby toes

my boys are loving the warm weather and many pool days. these shots were with the new kodak portra film, the colors are vivid & so true to life. enjoy your days of summer